Who we are

  • We're a Bio-Tech startup, spun-out from Newcastle University in 2019

  • Our ambition is to produce bio-equivalent tissues for clinical and cellular agriculture

  • We apply novel bio-inspired manufacturing processes to generate complex structures


Who's who

Dr Che Connon


Dr Che Connon - Che has over 20 years experience in extracellular matrix biology and is currently Professor of Tissue Engineering. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur having successfully spun out 3 bio-tech companies

Dr Ricardo Gouveia


Dr Ricardo Gouveia - Ricardo is a New Harvest Research Fellow and the company’s co-founder. He is an expert in cell biology and biomaterials

Dr Miguel Jarrin

R&D Scientist

Dr Miguel Jarrin - Experienced cell biologist in the cornea and lens, Miguel is responsible for tissue production

Dr Rachel Sanders

R&D Technician

Dr Rachel Sanders - Our newest recruit, Rachel recently obtained her PhD from Edinburgh University in molecular biology



Our technology is built upon 20 years of basic research


Applying the hypothesis that a better understanding of biology will lead to improved approaches to tissue engineering we have developed a powerful new process we call TISSUE TEMPLATING


Tissue templating is an in-house engineering platform that takes a bio-inspired, bottom-up approach to tissue engineering to create STRUCTURED, FUNCTIONAL and SCALABLE tissues


Our products




Our tissue templating approach to engineering tissues is cell based. Highly organised structures with an accurate nano-scale through to macro-scale ensue.


Engineered tissue with appropriate hirearchical ECM arrangement produces unrilvaled performance and functionality.


Our production suits a traditional centralised manufacturing approach, in which 100's of tissue engineered products can be produced daily and without the use of animal components.




Platform Technology



Technology built upon science

Assessment of corneal substrate biomechanics and its effect on epithelial stem cell maintenance and differentiation

RM Gouveia, G Lepert, S Gupta, RR Mohan, C Paterson, CJ Connon 2019

Nature communications 10 (1), 1-17

4D Corneal Tissue Engineering: Achieving Time‐Dependent Tissue Self‐Curvature through Localized Control of Cell Actuators

M Miotto, RM Gouveia, AM Ionescu, F Figueiredo, IW Hamley, CJ Connon 2019

Advanced Functional Materials 29 (8), 1807334

Template curvature influences cell alignment to create improved human corneal tissue equivalents

RM Gouveia, E Koudouna, J Jester,
F Figueiredo, CJ Connon 2017

Advanced Biosystems 1 (12), 1700135



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