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Lab-Grown Meat

Cellular meat - A hot topic

3DBT technologies are working to help develop a new and healthy, environment-friendly food source. 3DBT seeks to provide leading solutions to current challenges of cellular meat production, namely lowering cost in order to reach meat price parity and providing structure to create stable meat tissues.

At 3DBT we have developed our Tissues Templating platform technology that, alongside our City-Mix supplement, provides structure for cultured cells in serum-free media formulations.


The next stage for cultivated meat is creating structure from our cells, which ultimately is Tissue Engineering. Tissue structure is incredibly complex, from nano through to macro scales and hierarchical organisation is essential to all tissue structures. Regarding cultured meat, this manifests in texture, bite and mouth feel alongside the ability to organise tissue structure to look and taste like actual steak without 3D printing or using a scaffold.


Utilising our Tissue Templating process allowed us to be the first company in the world to produce the widely celebrated 100% pork fillet.

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