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City-Mix is a patented, non-toxic culture media supplement that acts as an effective “cell booster”.

It's composed of a specific formulation of inert, food safe, high molecular weight molecules that facilitate macromolecular crowding.


Macromolecular crowding creates pockets of higher concentration of soluble media components such as growth factors in solution. This in turn improves enzyme kinetics and provides cells with a biophysical & biochemical environment similar to in vivo.


By mimicking the in vivo environment we see several important changes in cell behaviour, namely;

  • Cellular proliferation rates increase, significantly increasing yield. 

  • Less supplements are required, reducing the need for expensive growth factors and recombinant proteins.

  • Facilitates tissues production via extracellular matrix establishment.

  • Completely eliminates the need for serum (BSA & FBS) without inhibiting cell growth. 

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