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Serum-Free Media Supplement

A patented, non-toxic culture media supplement that acts as an effective “cell booster”.

City-Mix™ is composed of a specific formulation of inert, food-safe, and bio-sustainable macromolecules with the unique capacity to mimic naturally crowded environments and highly efficient bioprocesses within living organisms.


By occupying space within aqueous solutions, macromolecular crowders create volume-exclusion effects shown to enhance the thermodynamic activity and stability of biomolecules such as proteins. This means that City-Mix™ can effectively boost the performance of a wide variety of cell cultures by promoting the bioactivity and/or bioavailability of growth factors, protein carriers, and enzymes contained within the culture medium.


By mimicking the in vivo environment we see several important changes in cell behaviour, namely;

  • Cellular proliferation rates increase, significantly increasing yield. 

  • Less supplements are required, reducing the need for expensive growth factors and recombinant proteins.

  • Facilitates tissues production via extracellular matrix establishment.

  • Helps reduce or eliminate the need for animal-derived ingredients (e.g., FBS, albumin) while maintaining media performance.

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