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Introducing the Future of Leather: Sustainable, Animal-Free, and Limitless.

Forget everything you know about leather. Ditch the environmental toll and ethical concerns. We're rewriting the story with a revolutionary material that offers the luxury, durability, and versatility of traditional leather, but with a conscience.

This is lab-grown leather, reborn. Crafted from nature's building blocks, not living beings, it boasts the same supple strength, rich textures, and endless customization options as animal-based leather. Tan, dye, stitch, and emboss it to your heart's content. Create bespoke products that are as beautiful as they are ethical.

More than just animal-free, this leather is sustainably sourced. No deforestation, no harmful chemicals, just eco-conscious innovation powering the next generation of fashion and beyond.


We're not just selling leather, we're partnering with visionaries. Join us in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Whether you're a designer, manufacturer, or simply someone who believes in a better future, let's co-create sustainable, cruelty-free products that tell a story the world needs to hear.

Are you ready to rewrite the future of leather? Contact us today and be part of the revolution.

The unique properties of leather that make it the material of choice for both practical and luxury goods are intrinsically linked to the exceptional strength, flexibility, and durability of the natural collagen fibres from which its starting material, skin, is composed.


True lab-grown leather is made from the tanning of 3DBT skin, a product composed of natural collagen and elastic fibres produced and arranged in the same way as made in nature – that is, by cells alone. Using cells as miniature machines to make the entirety of 3DBT skin is completely different to approaches taken by others. No other company is using only cells to make the entire product, and thus no other company can be said to be making actual lab-grown leather.


Even companies that incorporate cells into their products do not do so to give them strength and durability; these characteristics are instead imparted by a chemically refined or synthetically produced polymer acting as an artificial scaffold, with cells used more for decoration than function. Whilst those products can be described as inferior leather alternatives ours can be thought of as real leather, 100% grown but not within a living animal.


The widely used BS 2780:1983 standard defines leather as ‘Hide or skin with its original fibrous structure more or less intact, tanned to be imputrescible.' Under these criteria, our lab-grown product clearly fits the definition of leather, with MkI samples solely composed of highly robust bundles of collagen fibres visible to the naked eye. Furthermore, our lab-grown leather complies with ISO 17131:2020 - Identification of leather with microscopy, a standard commonly used by industry experts to distinguish true leather from alternative fabrics and lookalike textiles. In this context, we are confident that our product achieves the strictest high standards that others are not able to meet.

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