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Business Live: Newcastle scientists 3DBT produce and taste world’s first 100% cultivated meat steak

Newcastle based 3DBT believe it is the world’s first 100% cultivated pork steak to be produced and tasted

A Newcastle scientific engineering firm says it has made a breakthrough in the creation of ‘cruelty-free meat’ after producing the first ever steak fillet made from cultivated meat.

Scientists at 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT) – a tissue engineering company with patent-protected IP that is already producing human corneas to help restore vision to millions of people – is owned by BSF Enterprise plc, an investment company focused on unlocking the next generation of biotech solutions. Now the team at 3DBT, led by co-founder and CEO Dr Che Connon, is set to take the steak fillet to the next phase of testing, with a tasting session being held in London.

Read the full story by Business live here.


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